Toiletpaper Challenge

Australian Terrier Worldwide

Stay together - stay safe

Thank you, Lynn, for this great idea and for encouraging so many Australian Terrier owners

from around the world to participate. With this funny video we can hopefully convince other

dog owners that it is worthwhile to keep our favorites busy. 

With their "Will to pleace" our Aussies are always eager

to take part in all actions and that gives us so much pleasure.


Thank you for all the wonderful videos!

Anka and Gucci (Germany)

Becky Howell and Bella (United Kingdom)

Cynthia Muir with (New Zealand)

Heini Emilia Reis with Olga and Phila (Finland)

Iris Coppèe with her sweet puppies (Netherland)

Leena Lötjönen with her boys (Finland)

Lynn Bell with Google and Passy (United Kingdom)

Megan Scott with Tyka (Australia)

Sabrina Brass with James (Germany)

Ramona Brass with Riley and James (Germany)

Virpi with Flash (Sweden)


Producer/Casting: Lynn Bell

Director/Editor: Anka van de Sand

Assitent Director: Tina Brass

Property master: The Toiletpaper

Camera: Everyone himself